Updates to Saint Lucian Analyzer Essay Competition

Congratulations to the incoming Philip J Pierre administration on their decisive win during the Monday July 26th General elections. The new administration will face many challenges and economic diversification should be one of their key priorities.

We will be extending the deadline for the essay competition to Tuesday August 31st, the final week of the summer vacation holidays. We hope that this extension allows more participants to complete and submit their essays. We look forward to reviewing the essay submissions. We would like to thank all the participants who have submitted essays thus far.

Winners will be announced in September 2021

Prizes: The top 3 essays will be published on the Saint Lucian Analyzer Blog at https://stlucia-analyzer.medium.com/ and the following cash prizes for the top 3 essays.

· $1,000 for 1st Place Essay

· $600 for 2nd Place Essay

· $400 for 3rd Place Essay

Judging: Authors are encouraged to include specific, data-driven actionable suggestions that would help rebuild Saint Lucia’s economy. Essays will be judged according to the following categories:

· Content including soundness of points (30)

· Examples and detailed suggestions (15)

· Originality or innovation in solutions (15)

· Logical development and clarity (30)

· Command of language and presentation (10)

Reference Material: The Saint Lucian Analyzer has published several articles on similar topics such as the following:

· https://stlucia-analyzer.medium.com/cannabis-decriminalization-legalization-in-saint-lucia-22878cb6690f

· https://stlucia-analyzer.medium.com/is-saint-lucia-ready-for-the-digital-revolution-35cdcfa8778d

· https://stlucia-analyzer.medium.com/digital-currency-launch-in-the-eastern-caribbean-3764ebfcfe71

· https://stlucia-analyzer.medium.com/retraining-our-saint-lucian-workforce-d7f23b75fc27

· https://stlucia-analyzer.medium.com/a-reimagined-education-system-411bcf65d62d

· https://stlucia-analyzer.medium.com/use-of-robotics-ai-amid-the-covid-19-pandemic-3ba99da59f38

Publicity Release: Participation in the Competition and/or acceptance of a prize constitutes permission for the Saint Lucian Analyzer to use, without notice or further compensation, worldwide and in perpetuity, any eligible participant’s entry, biographical information, statement and voice in any and all media for any purpose, including without limitation, advertising and promotional purposes.




Critical data-driven research analysis of challenges facing Saint Lucia.

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The St. Lucian Analyzer

The St. Lucian Analyzer

Critical data-driven research analysis of challenges facing Saint Lucia.

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